August 4, 2020 The SST Team

Understanding different study techniques 

It is important for an adult who is helping a child prepare for the selective school examination to understand that not all children study the same way, and most children find different ways of studying effectively. For example some students might be comfortable and study effectively by sitting at a desk for a long time and practicing questions. However every student is different and especially at a younger age, students might not study effectively for long periods at a time as concentration could start to wane. 

It is crucial that an in-home tutor or parent helping the student understands the way the student does effective study, for example if a student doesn’t enjoy sitting for long periods of time at first, a good approach would be to let the student study for fifteen minutes at a time with short breaks allowing for effective study rather than forcing the student to study for lengthy periods of time. Over time concentration will improve and most importantly the student begins to study effectively rather than being distracted and losing concentration if they struggle to focus for long periods of time. 

Study techniques are key to students being more successful in their study and therefore providing benefits in the long run, especially for when they sit their selective school tests. Good study habits are also integral to success in the long run. This means going back to the basics, ensuring the student is not tired, having a good open study space – a comfortable desk which allows for maximum concentration for the student. Creating routines and study habits ensures the best possible focus on the study from the student in addition to creating best practice for their academic success beyond the test. 

It is important for the adult assisting to understand how the child learns, as a result it is good to have an open communication with the student’s teacher as they are best positioned to provide guidance on which way the student responds well when learning in a classroom environment. 

Understanding your student’s study techniques and creating study habits allows for the effective revision and study for the selective test and their learning beyond it. Creating these habits and knowing your child’s way of learning sets them up for success and this has been proven by many studies over time. Study techniques and habits that are effective provides confidence for the student to approach the test that they can do well on this examination. 

By Shomik Dutta, an Alchemy tutor

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