I offer online private tuition to students in years 3-6 that are aiming to get in to their local selective high school. All session take place via Skype or Google Hangouts and last an hour in length. Most tuition happens in the afternoons, before school or on Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons.

I recommend a minimum of 12 sessions (allowing at least 3 sessions for each of the exam components) – and these can be taken once per week, or multiple per week if time is an issue. Beyond the 12 sessions it is entirely up to you – the longer we work together the more confidence your child will have in the exam and the more likely they are to succeed.

Whilst I have a 12 week program that I base my work off, I will ultimately tailor every session around what will best serve your child. We will ensure that every component of the exam is addressed and covered so they can go in to the exam knowing exactly what to expect and how to respond.

In the first session I will do an assessment, incorporating all parts of the exam to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and then reassess them every 6 weeks to monitor progress. Every week we will do vocabulary activities, 5 minutes of writing and an impromptu speech to get their mind in the zone.

Due to limited places, I give priority to older students. If I am at capacity, you will be added to my waiting list and contacted as soon as a space opens up.

Wait, but I don’t think my child will like online tutoring…

I know – face to face is much more natural. But if you think about how much time your child probably spends staring at a screen online or watching TV, digital relationships are far more natural to them than they are to us. I am yet to find a student who hasn’t enjoyed our online sessions – I make it seem like I am sitting next to them as much as possible; I use a digital whiteboard and will even ask them to hold up their notebook to the camera from time to time to check their working out. Technology allows us to do incredible things – and whilst it might not seem natural to us, for those who have never known a world without iPhones or Youtube, it is completely normal.

The first session comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee so if you or your child don’t think I am the best fit or that online lessons are right for your child there will be no charge for the lesson.