July 8, 2017 Nic Rothquel

Top ranking selective schools 2016

NSW Selective Schools consistently fill the top 5 spots in the HSC. Whilst one school has dominated every year for the last 26 years, there is always an interesting battle between the next 4 schools for the title of highest performing (after James Ruse of course…).

The success rate of a school is determined by the number of band 6’s received in total (a band 6 is a mark of 90+ in a subject). This means, total number of Band 6’s received, divided by number of exams sat (each student will sit around 5 or 6 exams). Whilst this usually means a high ATAR (the rank that Universities look at), ATARs are not made publicly available so the number of band 6’s achieved is the best metric we can use.

Here are how the top ten selective schools ranked in the 2016 HSC:

#1. James Ruse Agricultural High School, 73% success rate (773 Band 6’s out of 1058 exams – impressive!)

#2. Baulkham Hills High School, 62% success rate

#3. North Sydney Boys High School, 59% success rate

#4. North Sydney Girls High School, 52% success rate

#5. Hornsby Girls High School, 51.5% success rate

#6. Sydney Boys High School, 50% success rate

#7. Manly Selective High School, 49% success rate

#8. Normanhurst Boys High School, 46% success rate

#9. Sydney Girls High School, 43% success rate

#10. St George Girls High School, 42% success rate.

It is worth noting that this just compares selective schools, and is not their overall ranking across the state (although 1-5 were the top 5 performing schools in the state). The top ranked private school was Sydney Grammar School, with a success rate of 50%, and the top ranked non-selective public school was Sefton High School, with a success rate of 24%. It shows the incredible results that selective schools achieve, but more than just the marks, the importance of self-discipline and motivation taught to the students. Considering the significant difference of the cost of a selective school vs private school, it is clear why entry is so competitive each year.

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