Very pleased with the tutors we have had from Alchemy. They’ve all been very friendly, patient, knowledgeable with great communication skills. My child has definitely benefited from their help.
Simon Denne
Simon Denne
20:37 11 Mar 19
Fantastic tutor (Sophia), in just a couple of weeks we have had such an amazing improvement in our sons learning and his attitude and confidence. Thank you
Collie Craft Playz
Collie Craft Playz
05:50 09 Mar 19
Sarrvesa is an amazing tutor and has been instrumental in building the added confidence. My Daughter enjoys her weekly sessions and is already showing progress. Alchemy Tuition has maintained its reputation and doing good. 5 star
Simrit Kaur
Simrit Kaur
04:19 01 Mar 19
Merin - is a good tutor. It has been only few weeks we have started and can see improvements with my sons reading.
aravind santhosh
aravind santhosh
22:53 10 Mar 19
After working with Alchemy for over a year, I can safely say it is one of the easiest to use tutoring services. All tutors are highly skilled and trained in their areas, and will do everything in their power to help your child with their chosen area of difficulty. Overall, it is a great service, and you will not be disappointed by the fantastic management team at Alchemy, and the incredible tutors that devot there time to turning students into gold!
Mac Middleton
Mac Middleton
23:54 13 Mar 19
A highly motivated and enthusiastic team who provides support to students and tutors alike. It's been a pleasure so far.
Thomas Sakellaris
Thomas Sakellaris
07:50 02 Apr 19
BEST COMPANY TO WORK FOR! Super flexible hours, especially great for uni students like me. They provide amazing support and resources and equip you with skills that go beyond tutoring! 100% would recommend!
victoria x
victoria x
07:38 02 Apr 19
Alchemy has been great to work for! They have provided an amazing work environment! I am proud to call myself an Alchemy tutor.
Britney Gonzalez
Britney Gonzalez
03:11 03 Apr 19
Our tutor Joey has been fantastic. She is always punctual and we have been very impressed with how quickly she has been able to understand our son's needs.
Philippa Frecklington
Philippa Frecklington
10:10 18 Apr 19
The team is always happy to help and the tutors are professional, passionate and eager to teach which translates in my kids happy to learn, so it’s a win-win!
Irene Bugarin
Irene Bugarin
11:02 15 May 19
Alchemy Tuition has been nothing but a seamless experience for us so far. Our tutor Yves has been great with our son, really connected and engaged him at his level and interests. We love that he is sourced locally, close to us, so it works for both of us. Our son feels more engaged knowing that our tutor went to a local school and has been through what he is going through. Being able to connect independently when timing clashes and both be flexible has definitely made it a lot easier to work around illness, cancellations and moving the day of the week for tutoring around easily. Keep it up team Alchemy.
Bridie Parsons
Bridie Parsons
22:40 20 Jun 19
James is working well with Nathan, he’s feeling more confident. I would thoroughly recommend James to anyone.
Sherrie Parker-Smith
Sherrie Parker-Smith
11:52 24 Jun 19

“Our tutor has done an amazing job with my daughter. She wants to learn because of our tutor’s great rapport with her. We will (hopefully) continue to have her as part of our family for years to come! We have seen a great deal of improvement since we have had her tutored and her confidence has increased amazingly. Our tutor is so caring and is helping my daughter along so well.”

Dawn, Bellevue Hill

“Just wanted to say thank you. Our tutor is efficient, polite and dedicated to her work. My son became more confident in maths and understanding the concepts. She is an efficient tutor.”

Analyn, Bexley

“Our tutor has a lovely nature, is very calm and my son has taken a real liking towards him. He would never cooperate in the past with other tutors but really enjoys the support now. He is more enthusiastic and more confident. Our son has a more positive attitude towards doing maths and more patience now.”

Michelle, Collaroy

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“Our tutor is very down to earth, patient, flexible and creative in her way of showing the girls how maths builds year to year. Their confidence and results are improving every week. I have seen improvements in their understanding of all topics! She is very easy going and our daughter got into 5.3 maths.”

Bec, Forestville

“Our daughter is more confident in her maths and she looks forward to the sessions. Our tutor is very friendly and works well with our daughter. He is patient and understanding.”

Bec, Newport

“Thank you for our tutor. He raises the level of expectation that the kids have of their own ability. He brings enthusiasm to his sessions and his wonderful sense of intelligent humour. Our tutor makes them believe they can – and then they do. I have seen increased confidence. I can see a change in my son. He doesn’t like to study, but our tutor manages to get him to work. This is finally showing at school.”

Toni, Avalon

“My son had his first round of high school assessments and his results exceeded our expectations. We attribute this in good part to our tutor’s skill and patience. My son now has more of a map to steer his efforts.”

Sean, Fairlight

“Our tutor is so helpful for my son. He gives him the confidence he needs. We have just started but I have seen my son feel more confident. What I like most about our tutor is his dedication and listening skills.”

Kirsty, Dee Why

”Our tutor is delightful. With our tutor’s help, our son has placed 2nd in a class test on geometry, which he has not done before. The tutor makes Maths interesting for my son and he looks forward to her coming each week.”

Fiona, Chatswood

“The tutor was great – she had to deal with an unenthusiastic student but persevered and I know it made a difference.. ”

Hilary, Somersby

“Our tutor is always on time and very committed. 100% improvement in our son’s work. Our tutor is sensational.”

Bruce, Avalon

“Our tutor is bright, friendly and very supportive. She is always happy and helpful and my daughter has gained in confidence”

Margie, Frenchs Forest

“We have a great maths tutor. He is very supportive, encouraging our son to practice and do well in his year 12 Maths, but also asks how he is going in his other subjects. He encouraged our to write out a study schedule to plan his time efficiently.  He is very patient, he explains concepts clearly, he gives practice exams, and he goes above and beyond to make sure our son understands his Maths including responding to messages and questions outside the tutorial session. Our son feels more confident in this subject and his marks have greatly improved. He was not feeling confident in schoolwork including Maths, before we had our tutor. Our tutor is very likeable, is clearly spoken and inspires confidence in our son that he can do well, if he puts in the work. He is very professional and respectful and I feel confident that our son is learning relevant material that is helping him understand HSC Maths. Our son was failing Maths 2 unit and Extension (3 unit) last year. It was decided that our son should drop Extension Maths and concentrate on learning 2 unit. He is now getting around 70 – 75 % and we feel he will continue to improve if he keeps up the work.”

Phillipa, Forestville

”Our tutor is a very knowledgable and attentive tutor. She has successfully helped our daughter understand and consolidate key issues in maths. Our  daughter has better grades and increased confidence. I most like that our tutor is punctual and has good rapport with my daughter. ”

Michael,  Forestville

“Thanks! Our tutor has been very patient and engaging with our daughter and really helped to boost her confidence leading up to the selective school exams. Well done and thank you. She improved confidence in our daughter with new techniques to approach problems.”

Paul, North Curl Curl

”We have found our tutor to be easy to get along with, smart, caring, explains everything in a manner that is easy to grasp. My daughter has now confidence in all areas of school work.   Our tutor just gets kids and can  adapt her explanations for ease of understanding.”

Joanne, Gymea Bay