April 24, 2020 Nic Rothquel

Selective School Test 2021

The Selective School Test is an exam that students take to gain entry to a selective high school. The main intake occurs in year 7, with limited numbers being accepted from years 8 to 10. The below content is for the test taken in year 6 for year 7 entry.

When is the 2021 Selective School Test?

The exact date of the 2021 Selective School Test is yet to be confirmed by the NSW Department of Education, but it will take place in mid-March of 2021 and is open to students in year 6 in 2021.

Despite the disturbances of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, we expect the 2021 Selective School Test to go ahead as normal.

What is in the test?

The 2021 Selective School Test is made up of 4 separate test papers:

  • Reading
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Thinking Skills
  • Writing

All 4 components add up to give a total mark out of 200. An additional 100 marks come from internal school marks, giving a grand total out of 300.

With the exception of writing, all papers are multiple choice, and range from moderate to very difficult. The test is not negatively marked – so students do not lose marks for incorrect answers. Papers are written by hand and marked electronically.

The total testing time will be about 2 and a half hours with breaks in between each paper.

Once a mark out of 300 is assigned to a student, that mark will then determine the eligibility of that student to gain entry to a selective school. The minimum mark varies each year and by each school – in 2019 the lowest minimum score was 161 (Gorokan High School) and the highest minimum score was 250 (James Ruse Agricultural High School). You can view all minimum entry scores here.

How do you succeed in the Selective School Test 2021?

A comprehensive preparation program is crucial to succeed in the selective school test. It is very rare to see a student get in on natural talent – even the brightest students will work with tutors in the lead up to the test.

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