August 9, 2019 Nic Rothquel

How to get in to Manly Selective High School

Looking to get in to Manly Selective? This article will outline the requirements and how best to prepare for the selective school exam.

Manly Selective High School is located at 138 Abbott Rd, North Curl Curl and is a co-ed school for students in years 7-12. It is part of the Northern Beaches Secondary Campus and is a consistent top 10 performer in the HSC.

As the only selective high school on the Northern Beaches, Manly Selective is very hard to get in to. Thousands of students apply and only about 120 are accepted, so it is crucial that students go through a comprehensive preparation program in the lead up to the exam.

In 2019, the minimum required score to get in to Manly Selective School was 219 out of 300. This is the 11th highest required score in the state. You can view all entry scores here.

This score is made up of both internal school marks and test scores. The test accounts for 200 of the marks, of which English and Maths count for 50 each, and general ability counts for 100 marks. The internal school marks include both English and Maths for 50 each.

How can I get my child in to Manly Selective School?

Getting in to Manly Selective High School is not easy, and even the brightest students struggle without an adequate preparation program. But the good news is that we are here to help!

Alchemy Tuition has been assisting students with selective school preparation for more than a decade and has thousands of success stories to show for it. In 2018 our success rate was 92% – while the state average success rate is only 30%. Working with an Alchemy Tutor triples your child’s likelihood of success.

Our program is one-on-one, which means every lesson is tailored around your child’s unique needs. We come to you at a time that works for you, and one of our selective-school accredited tutors will work closely with your child to ensure they walk in to the exam with confidence and come out with their head held high.

Our selective school tuition is affordable, contract-free and flexible. You can view further details about our program and offering here.

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At Alchemy we care about more than just marks. We want to see your child come alive to their full potential. It would be an honour to partner with you, help your child get in to Manly Selective School and ultimately bring out the gold that we know is within them.

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