November 12, 2020 The SST Team

What I gained attending a private selective school.

In 2007 I made a switch to Sydney Grammar School, an independent school for boys. I gained entry through a similar style test to the selective school. At Sydney Grammar I had the opportunity to participate and engage with boys and students that had similar interests to myself.

Upon reflection of my high school experience, Sydney Grammar School allowed me to give me the work ethic and drive that it takes to work at University and in the workforce. At the time what seemed like mountains of homework has set me up for a lifetime of success. I was allowed to have the best opportunities for ten years, At Sydney grammar I played musical instruments and participated in extra curricular activities such as competing in GPS sport. Along with heavy academic pressure from teachers and the boys around me, Sydney Grammar allowed boys to have a balance in their school life.

Why I loved going to Sydney Grammar:

I loved going to Sydney Grammar, I was surrounded by great students and as a result my passion for learning improved under the guidance of my school. Through my thirst for knowledge, in year 11 I chose to take economics, I still to this day remember my high school economics teacher as he encouraged me to take my passion further. This passion for economics that was founded at Grammar has laid the foundation for my career in economics and the business field as I am currently pursuing a University degree in Economics

Is Sydney Grammar the right school for you:

Sydney Grammar is not for every boy however, looking back some students do struggle with the competitive academic side of the school. While sports and music are prominent at the school it is apparent that academics take priority, while Sydney Grammar is a private school it is something that is similar to most selective schools in this regard.

What makes Sydney Grammar such a great school:

Sydney Grammar is a unique, independent school for boys, with qualities that are rarely found in today’s schools. Laptops are not used in classes, most homework is handwritten allowing students to be set up for success in the HSC and later years where exams are submitted in person and responses are handwritten.

By Shomik Dutta, an Alchemy tutor.

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