Our tutors work before and after school and even on weekends. When you book you simply nominate the times that work for you and we will organise a tutor to match.


Home Selective School Tutoring

In your home

Our most popular choice! Comfortability enhances learning and no where will be more comfortable for your child than at home! Your tutor will come to your home at a time that works for you – no fighting for parking or braving the after school traffic – and work one on one with your child, giving them the skills they need to find success in the selective school exam.

Selective School Test Preparation

At a school or library

If the home isn’t ideal or there are too many siblings or distractions around, your tutor can meet you in your local library or school – as long as you can get permission from your principal or teacher. Sometimes being in a public space can increase focus and motivation. Drop them off at the library and go get the grocery shopping done for the week – what a win!

Online Selective School Tutoring


For students in other areas or who just cannot accomodate face to face sessions we can pair you up to one of our gold level tutors that can connect face-to-face on our online platform. Our online tutors are those that have completed at least 100 face to face lessons and are the best of the best – giving you unmatched expertise without leaving the house.

Not only is one on one tuition more effective for the student than classes, it is more convenient. No battling after school traffic or fighting for parking – we come to you at a time that works for you.


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